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Employee Step Challenges

Create My Team for Free
Works on Android & iOS
Simply download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
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No Wearables Required
Track your users’ steps with no additional hardware neccesary!

Your Step Challenge, 

Made Simple

Simple Onboarding
Invite users to your challenge quickly and easily with your unique invite code
Get Started Right Away
Create a team and start adding users in less than 10 minutes
Easy User Segmentation
Divide your participants into groups & subgroups for easier administration
Integrated with the Pacer App
Track steps, get insights and analysis and use social features through the Pacer App

Easy For Employees

Users can join easily using a unique invite code
Simple, accurate step tracking for your users
Counts steps 24/7 using just their phones

Powerful, Yet Simple For Admins

Easy and fast setup with a dedicated web portal
Participant data syncs to real-time leaderboards
One-click data exporting puts all of the data in your hands